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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Winter Break is Coming!

Fall quarter is coming to a close here at UCSB – I can’t believe it was over a year ago that I was at the Christmas markets sipping hot chocolate and spending time with my great new Language & Culture friends.

Les marchés du Noël

After the initial shock of having to adjust to everything back in California, this quarter went by fast.

I’m working on my honors thesis with Dr. Mayer, and he’s been so helpful and so supportive. He was the one to convince me to push to apply to graduate school–both Ph.D. and Master’s programs–and he has been a great (and very funny) teacher this quarter, too! I hope that I can find a faculty mentor like him in graduate school because I have really enjoyed meeting with him every week for my thesis.

psychology at UCSB

My Ph.D. applications are all turned in, and my Master’s applications will be due over this next month. Then it’s just a waiting game – decisions can come at any time, but they usually come late February or early March.

But here I am again (along with lots of other seniors) at a point in my life at which I have no idea what happens next. It’s scary being a senior. When I was younger, I thought that everyone automatically lined up a job upon graduating. But now, the rate of college grads moving back home after college is at a all time high (over 25%).

It seems like most of us are making this decision – with the third option of a “gap year” moving back home, traveling abroad, teaching English in a different country, etc.

I absolutely adore UCSB, but it has been very difficult to get an internship or a job in the area because there isn’t much around. LA is a lot farther away than what people think, too.

This winter break, I’ll be looking at internships and summer jobs I can do before I (ideally & hopefully) go off to graduate school. The summer after senior year marks the cut off for many internships (and for some, that’s too late: you have to be a rising sophomore or junior), so I’ll have to see what’s available.

We’ll see if that’s the case…

On a side note, I ended up dropping Physics within the first 3 weeks of class. The class focused more on computations than theory, which was a total bummer for an intro class (especially since the class was taught by the highest rated intro physics teacher at UCSB!). I wanted to learn about how the world worked around us, and drills of computations over and over weren’t really helping get any lessons I wanted out of it. So I ended this quarter with Educational Psych, Intro to Computer Science (programming in Python), and part I of my honors thesis.


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