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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Day 1 and 2 wrap-up – Back at UCSB

Yesterday I worked at RHA’s Ice Cream Social. I was a part of RHA the year before I went abroad. So for me, it feels like a continuation to help out an organization I was a part of; for others, it must feel like a stranger is coming in just for the evening to help!

There were a TON of people there, and lots and lots of ice cream & popsicles.

It looked like it did my first year & my second year – I’ve seen the event as a participant, as a worker, and, now, as a volunteer.

Today was the How to Get Involved Fair, which I helped put on behalf of NRHH – an organization of which I was the president two years ago – although we did help RHA too :) It really helped me get my head of the clouds to work with NRHH again. Everyone is super nice, and I even had good friends helping out, too!

But since I helped, it was Top Ramen tonight because the dining commons were closed when the event was over.

I keep getting waves of nostalgia: I’ll stop and think, “wow, I’m never, ever going to get to do this again” and of my past experiences…and then have to pull myself out of it! I missed my dad a whole lot after he left because we didn’t have the chance to go to the bookstore together, and I don’t know if we ever will again! It seems like a minor thing, but I think those are the biggest triggers.

Even the fact of not having a little black e-key bummed me out. I had to get a new high-tech student ID card, and it’s just weird coming back, expecting things to be the same, and then realizing that they’re not.

One part of me feels like I  don’t want to leave college, but the other part is telling me how it’s just going to be my time to go soon.

I guess every year is like that – I had a little France flashback when I watched the honeymoon episode of Mike and Molly when they go to Paris! But then they got back to regular life, just like I have to do, too.

Tomorrow will be busy, but for now, that’s a good thing –


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