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I took the GRE!

…and I sure hope I don’t have to take it again.

It was shorter than I thought it would be, but it was just a weird experience. I think it was the most secured testing area I’ve been in, ever.

From all the standardized testing I’ve had in the past years — AP tests, the ACT, the PSAT, and state exams, I’ve never gone through something like that.

Upon arrival to the testing center, everyone must sign an agreement and provide proof of identity. Then everything must be put in a teeny tiny locker, which can only be accessed during your one 10 minute break.

Definitely smaller than this locker this cutie is in!

Once a seat opens up, they move you into a separate room for more security measures. You are then waved down with a metal detector wand as you stand in the middle of a white duct tape square. Your image is taken with a webcam, and you sign your name and time on a sheet. You show your empty pockets by turning them inside out. Then you wait for a staff member to bring you to another room.

The whole time I was thinking…is this what admission into jail is like?

Well, he doesn’t really know either.

But then I thought that was bad to think about right before a really long exam, so I tried not to think about it to much.

Each test taker then gets their own little cubicle, along with yellow headphones that can be used to block out sound from other test takers. Because the tttttt of little keyboard keys is not the best idea-generating sound when it’s not coming from yourself!


Maybe later they’ll upgrade to those nifty quiet keyboards. Or maybe they’ll just keep those nifty headphones.

Test scores will be e-mailed to me in  a couple of days, which will be the first time that I’ve even gotten score reports electronically.

And it’s amazing that the test is adaptive and on the computer.

Technology has really been changing the face of education–along with so many other things!! I just learned that my cousin Lindsey has iPads for in-class use at her junior high school. How cool is that??

Pretty cool!


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