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Some Sights of Lyon

Now that it’s my last week in Lyon, I’ve been thinking about all the things I’m going to miss about this city. Here are some sights of Lyon!

If you’re visiting Lyon, there’s a good chance that you’ll run into the sign below somewhere! It was commissioned by the Tourism Office of Lyon, and it’s one of their slogans (because “Only” comes from “Lyon” if you reorganize the letters!). The city moves the sign around every once in a while for a little game for its residents and tourists – find the Only Lyon sign!

The city has a beautiful architectural style, and it’s likely that you’ll come across many really old churches. But if you’re tired of walking, rent one of these bikes, called “Vélo’V” (vélo is the French word for bike). They’re fully adjustable and even have a little headlight out in front. Then just drop it off at another one of the Vélo’V stations around the city!

A great place to ride your bike is along the Quai of the Rhône. Cross “Pont de l’Université” (bridge of the university) from the presqu’île to get to one of the vélo’v stations, and grab a bike for a nice path just for bike riders:

Or just stroll along the Quai at night. It’s pretty! But if you go when it’s completely dark, you’ll probably run into some young’uns: it’s one of the favorite hang out spots of local teens/college students to hang out, drink, and smoke.

Another place to check out is Bellecour. The plaza “Place Bellecour” is currently going through renovation, so I’m sure it’s going to look great when the construction is finally done.

Towards the Rhône is a flower structure that looks better from faraway :)

It’s coupled with a fountain that little kids adore:

Down Bellecour towards Hôtel de Ville is a bunch of shopping, and going in the opposite direction from the Rhône (towards the Saône), is Vieux Lyon.

There you can head over to the markets on Sunday or get some really good ice cream any day! Or you can take the funicular up to Fouvrière and La Petit Tour (it’s the “Eiffel Tower” of Lyon!), which are the big monuments you can see on top of the hill.

Place Bellecour during the Renaissance Festival


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