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Vieux Lyon: The Minature & Movie Magic Museum

I am now officially done with all my finals here, so I thought I’d recap one of the museums I went to at the beginning of this whole experience here in Lyon.

The real name for this Lyonnaise museum is Le Musée de la Minature et du Cinéma (or sometimes just Musée International de la Minature). What ever you decide to call it, it’s a charming little museum in Vieux Lyon.

The first half of the museum is all about cinema – with decorative scenes, movie treasures, and explanations on special effects, it’s a fun little trip inside movie magic.

If I’m not mistaken, this dude is from Star Wars.

This green man was one of two who helped Superman fly. But all I could think of was  Charlie and his really bizarre “Green Man” antics from It’s Always Sunny:

Needless to say, I was busting up in the museum with the weird images going through my head!

Each floor of the museum (I think there are 6) houses more of the museum’s collections. Halfway through, the museum switches from cinema to miniatures. There, you can see really elaborate miniatures that are really, really cool. There’s scenes of dinosaur exhibits, Japanese dojos, fancy dining rooms, and more.

Above is a mini studio with mini boxes with other scenes inside!

Can you imagine hand-crafting all the different paints and teeny-tiny little paintbrushes?

Once you’ve finished the museum, you can spend some time in the nice courtyard:

Lyon (pronouced Lee-on) was once spelled “Lion”, so indulge in some history and take a pic with this guy above.

And then once you’re done, head back to the métro to take the ridiculously long escalator back down to the cars. But after all that stair climbing, I’m sure it’ll be a relief! :)


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