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IEP: l’Institude d’Études Politiques

L’Institute d’Études Politiques, or IEP for short, is the Lyonnaise version of “Science Po” (political science) that’s very well-known (and suuuuuper rigorous) in Paris:

IEP is an extension of the Lyon 2 university, but it seems to have a lot more prestige and, quite frankly, more funding. Compare my classroom at Bron to this very-well kept one:

I’ve had 2 classes here: L’investigation journalistique en face aux pouvoirs and The American Presidency. Unlike at Lyon 2, people here clap every single time a lecture is over – a sign of deference and respect for the teacher – even if the lecture didn’t go particularly well. But my teacher for The American Presidency, Vincent Michelot, pretty much knocked it out of the park every single time. The class was in English; it’s part of the “États-Unis” (United States) track that students at IEP can specialize in. These students are also required to go abroad their third year, so you can bet that most of these students in this track are going to the US!

We all had to turn in forms to the offices confirming our enrollment in classes, but it’s more of a ploy just to warn the teachers that there are foreign students in their classes…Though admittedly, since I’m an anglophone, that will probably only get my final exam for the American Presidency class (which was tons and tons of writing – we don’t do multiple choice here) graded harder!

The front of the school doesn’t look very chic, but the square you can pass through to get to the school does. This is also the square that houses the Museum of Resistance, which is a WWII museum that is currently undergoing some renovation (it’ll reopen in fall 2012). It was really cool before the renovation (I dare say one of the best museums in Lyon), so I bet it’s going to be even better afterwards!

The office of IEP, also located in the square


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