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Summer Plans Set!

It’s official – I’ll be in San Francisco for the summer!

I applied for and was accepted for a psychology lab internship at UCSF :) The internship is at the Emotion, Health, and Psychophysiology Lab (EHPL) under the direction of Professor Mendes. From the lab website, this is a summary of what the lab focuses on:

“In the Emotion, Health, and Psychophysiology Lab we study embodiment — how the mind influences the body, and the reciprocal, how bodily changes influence thoughts, emotions, and intentions. For example, we study how emotions are experienced differently along the developmental trajectory, how aging influences risk perceptions and risk taking, how decisions are influenced by acute and chronic stress, and how people manage and attempt to control their racial biases and how those regulatory attempts often fail resulting in revealing greater racial bias.”

I’m sooo excited :)) I applied for internships in mid-February after I had received some e-mails from the UCSB psychology list-serv e-mail list. And to my surprise, a lot of programs and internships had already ended their acceptance of applications before I had even started looking. My brain still works on the quarter system, and February is the start of winter quarter – summer seemed really far away at that point!

It was harder to apply for summer things here than it would have been in the United States, especially since my only form of hearing about opportunities has been through the internet instead of by word of mouth. I don’t know if professor at UCSB are offering positions for the summer (their summer positions are usually tied into their spring positions), but I don’t know of any psychology lab internship offered there…which is strange, now that I think about it, but I’m super grateful that I’m getting the change to be a part of this lab internship this summer at UCSF!

I had to do a Skype interview, which had me nervous in anticipation for a technological hiccup. There was lag and voice echo, and it was late at night (10 PM for me but 2 PM in California!) but despite that it still went well – I got the position!

Everyone working with the lab seems super nice, and I’ll hear more about my duties in the coming weeks.

It’ll be really cool to get back into the swing of things during summer instead of fall, and since it’s in the Bay, I can be with my family :) I’ve been itching to get back to studying more psychology (I’m only taking one psych class here!), and itching even more to get back into lab work.

The lab is doing some really cool current research, but I’ll be able to talk about that more later :) We have weekly tutorials/lab meetings too, so that means that we’ll be discussing the research process, applying to graduate school, various lab techniques, and the like. It’ll be me + 14 other interns.

It’s looking to be a really great summer, and now I have something to help me get re-involved back in my American life as I deal with whatever reverse culture shock throws at me!

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One comment on “Summer Plans Set!

  1. Anni Sheh
    May 1, 2012

    Like like like!! Yayyy

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