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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Waiting for the Métro

« Pour le petit Parisien, il existe un instant crucial, initiatique, c’est celui où, ayant compris le système des correspondances du métro, il contemple le petit rectangle de carton qui lui livre l’immense labyrinthe et avec lui toute la ville.  » -Michel Tournier


“For the little Parisian, there exists a crucial moment–an initiation–when, having understood the system of correspondences of the metro, he now looks at the little piece of rectangle as what can deliver him the immense labyrinth and, with it, the whole city.”


I don’t live in Paris, but I thought it was the same for Lyon (and Lyon isn’t even as big as Paris!). It’s like a right of passage for which every resident must go through. And once you get through it, it is so liberating! And now using the metro is a piece of cake :)


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