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Last Day at l’Université de Lyon 2, Bron

Today I had my last class at the Bron campus (also known as “campus Porte des Alpes”). When I realized that, I cannot tell you how relieved I was!! :) I still have a few more classes to go to at the Quai campus and IEP, but I won’t have to make that 30 minute-1 hour trek anymore.

But I really, really adored my psycholinguistics class, so I sucked it up and made it over to the campus for that class every week.

To get to Bron, I take the D métro from Bellecour and the tramway (T2) to the campus. But the tramway — for whatever reason, because it only happens when I go to Bron — makes me motion sick.

And there are soooooo many people that I’ve been going to the campus 30 minutes-1 hour early just to avoid the crowd (if you’ve ever jammed yourself on the métro in Paris, you kinda have an image of what I was doing!). One time I went during a rush hour (which is near every even hour because of the class course schedule at the university), and I spent the 20 minute tram ride with my nose in someone’s back (and, nope, that’s not an exaggeration!)

So when I get there early, I usually go to the library. But last week the library was closed!! Keep in mind that I’m in finals week right now, and the library is now still only a quarter of the way open. There’s now room to fit maybe 70 people in there to study, which isn’t a lot considering the sheer number of people who go to Lyon 2. But last week we couldn’t even check out books, and it was really crazy because this was before finals and the only free place where students could find books on psychology, sociology, education, communication, etc. (all the political science stuff is on the Quai). I mean, who planned that?

The campus is kinda like a labyrinth, so they have gimongous maps posted around school.

It’s a very industrial-looking labyrinth!

The front of the school (arrêt Europe Université)

The front of the university library. Really!

The entrance to “Bâtiment B”, home of the Linguistics department – my classroom had broken seats and holes in the ceiling where you could see the insulation! But at least we had insulation.

If you stand in the right light and place, it can look…well, like you’re not in a factory covered in 90’s paint colors. Find the beauty in ordinary places, right?

Motion sick credit:


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