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French Movie: 2 Days in New York

This very funny French comedy is a sequel to 2 Days in Paris, but you certainly don’t need to see that film to enjoy this one!

It stars Julie Delpy, who also wrote and directed the film. Like the other movies I’ve seen, I was laughing out loud sooo much and the rest of the audience was pretty quiet. Again, not sure if it’s because they didn’t like it or they just don’t laugh at loud!

Delpy’s character, Marion, is a French woman who lives in New York with her son, her radio talk show host boyfriend (Chris Rock), and his daughter. The two are madly in love, but their world gets turned upside down when Marion’s French family flies into NY from Paris to see her art show. Her dad, sister, and sister’s boyfriend (who is, coincidentally, one of her ex’s) bring funny, awkward chaos with them – and that’s the humor the film runs on. There are moments so awkward or bizarre that I just had to laugh!

And of course, it brings up cultural differences, including stereotypical ones (French liking cheese and sausage, Americans knowing movie stars) that definitely strike a few chords with me as an American student studying abroad here in France.

This film was aired at the Sundance Film Festival, but it currently has no American release date. The film version that I saw had French subtitles for the English since it was intended for French audiences.

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