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Translating Children’s Books

My friend’s host mom is going to be reading books to children in India this summer, but the books are in English! So her host mom, who’s French, wants them translated into French so she can understand them when she reads the English version to the girls. So my translations don’t need to be perfect, which is a relief! :)

Vicki gave me four books to translate, all of the “Little Miss” series by Roger Hargreaves.

I have “Little Miss Twins”, “Little Miss Giggles”, “Little Miss Chatterbox”, and “Little Miss Princess”. The books sure are cute, and they remind me of my childhood – I remember reading them with my brother when we couldn’t sleep.

And it’s been great practice for my French :) (and a good use of my white-out!)

These books are sold in French, too, as seen on, and I read some of them when I first got here just to ease into the French. I like the stories of Monsieur Petit! (…admittedly, that’s probably because I’m tiny too :))

The artwork is pretty cute, and you can now get them on objects like mugs, skateboards, aprons, bags, and more!


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