la joie de vivre

From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!


« Il y a des pluies de printemps délicieuses où le ciel a l’air de pleurer de joie.  » -Paul-Jean Toulet

“There are sweet spring rainfalls when the sky looks like it’s crying out of joy.”

It’s no secret that the French’s favorite color to wear is black, and that extends to everything – shoes, purse, umbrella, etc. But I have a BRIGHT red one that I bought in Berlin) :) Most people don’t wear rainboots here – as I found out during the first rain last semester – and when they do, they’re, well, black rainboots! For the pretty colors and prints on rainboots I have seen, I’ve later learned that the wearer is American! I used to be intimidated and shy about wearing bright colors here, but now I relish in it (but my experience has taught me to appreciate wearing black sometimes, and now I actually own more black and darker clothes than I have in my life). But I still think it’s nice to add a jolt of color to life, especially on rainy days!

P.S. Bagel shops (especially New York inspired) seem to be à la mode here! Well, at least among the young’uns.


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