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Les Pirates! Bons à rien, mauvais en tout

Translated, the title is “The Pirates! good at nothing, bad at everything.” But the English title is actually Pirates! Band of Misfits.

It’s about a rag-tag but lovable group of pirates who are lead by their pirate captain, aptly named “Capitaine Pirate”, who wants nothing more than to become the next Pirate of the Year. But he has gotten little fame and little gold over his pirate-y career, and he faces fierce competition from the past winners of the competition. But things start to take a twist when the crew runs into Charles Darwin (yes, that Darwin) who becomes very interested in Capitaine’s favorite little “perroquet” (parrot), a funny-looking bird named Polly. Because as you can see, she’s no parrot at all:

It’s very cute, well-done, and funny – there are some really bizarre moments that are so weird that you can’t do anything but laugh!

This British animated film was done by the same people who did Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run, but we (me, Kylie, and Victoria) saw it in French!

So that’s why it snuck itself into my blog :)

For foreign films here, they’re either played in “VF” (la version française) which is dubbed French or in “VO” (la version orginale) or “VOST” (version orignale sous-titrée) with French subtitles. Since Pirates is *technically* a kid’s movie, there aren’t a lot of VO showings (because the really little ones can’t read, especially quick frames and something that lasts for an hour and a half).

I’ve found that watching dubbed animated films is really useful and fun – unless you’re really attached to the original voices (and the dubbed voices sound weird) – because the mouth movements are less distracting with the dubbed animated characters than for real people.

And the animation is just really impressive from this team, especially in the day and age when animation is now exclusively digital. They modeled everything – including all the mouth shapes that were later computer modeled to later ease the shooting process (so that the mouths could be changed digitally instead of changing phoneme by phoneme).

I found the French trailer:

And the American trailer:

Picture credit:,


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