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French Film: Un air de famille (Family Resemblances)

It was required to watch this movie for my French class, but it’s pretty good – though admittedly, it’s humor is done à la française, meaning it’s funny but dark and emotional at the same time. Sometimes that type of humor works for American audiences and sometimes it doesn’t, but I thought this movie has a good cross-over factor!

The movie is called “Un air de famille” (Family Resemblances), and it’s a French dramedy based on the play of the same name.

It about a family who gathers at the family café owned by the oldest son, Henri. Henri has a temper – which is later to be revealed to be the result of family dynamics – and he is his mother’s least loved child. His younger brother, Philippe, has had a TV interview and becomes obsessed over his performance. But the family is gathered to celebrate the birthday of Philippe’s wife, who, as you can guess, becomes overshadowed by her husband. The movie spans this one night, and the characters learn a lot about themselves and each other (though it’s much less corny than that sounds, trust me!)

Here’s the trailer, although it’s all in French (but if you can understand it, watch it! it’s funny :))


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