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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Bron, the Quai, & IEP: Where I go to school (My Life in Lyon, Part II)

As a foreign student, I pretty much had free range over picking my classes with the exception of the restriction of having, at most, 1 class in English. Our program is through the UC system, which has a partnership with Lyon 2, which is the umbrella university consisting of the campus at Bron (for subjects such as communication, linguistics, psychology, sociology, and education), the campus along Quai Claude Bernard (for subjects such as foreign languages & upper division literature classes and all the classes specifically for foreign students), and the much more independent IEP (l’Institute d’Études Politiques, for political science related classes and subjects).

I go to all three!

The Quai and ILP are nice to go to because they’re so much closer to me than Bron, for which I have to take a public transportation journey ranging from 30-75 minutes, depending on the traffic and crowds. But none of them have a campus feel that you have at most of the UCs – it’s more of like a go in and go out sort of deal, like a job!

Sur le quai, Campus Berges du Rhône

(I’ll put the pictures of the other campuses in later posts!)

One of the really nice things about going through EAP is that we have an office at Lyon 2 dedicated to serving us. It’s coordinated by a very competent and intelligent Christine Ebnöther, who is French herself but has worked with the UC EAP program for many, many years. All of the American offices (for UCs, Virgina, Oregon, etc.) are located in the same wing on the deuxième étage of one of the buildings. There we have rows and rows of books we can borrow–including travel guides, French grammar books, leisure books in French, etc.–and other resources we can use. Printing is free and convenient for us!


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