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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Day trip: Pérouges

For Friday, March 23, our program organized a little excursion to the town of Pérouges, which is a little bit northeast of Lyon.

The invitees: the UC students currently studying abroad in Lyon and the French students of Lyon 2 who will be studying abroad next year in the US at one of the UCs. Only 4 French students went (and they had to pay 5 euros!), but we all got to meet new people and have a nice Friday afternoon :)

Some of us UC girls studying in Lyon: Tannaz, Noelle, Alessia, Victoria, me, and Sharon

It’s a medieval town and quite small and quaint. It was a nice little day trip, and the town can be explored within an hour or two.

We got to take lots of pictures – the town is very picturesque with its cobblestone, little shops, nice greenery, and cool little alleyways.

Then we got to eat the specialty of Pérouges: their galette. It was basically like a sugary slice of a homemade pie (eggs, butter, sugar, flour), but not that sugary, which to me was a letdown but to others it was just right! :) Plus I got an extra sweetness boost from their very well-done hot chocolate.

And all of it was free for us!

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