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Where’s my contact solution?

Soo, there are certain things that I’m used to in the States, including finding whatever I need at Target.

But there’s no chapstick or contact solution in the regular grocery stores around here!

I finally found a good stick of lip balm at the giant Carrefour at Part Dieu, which is an adventure in itself because it takes a while to get there, and once you do, you have to deal with the sheer MASSIVENESS of its two-story arrangement — and its weird inclined, magnetic conveyor belts that are in place of escalators….I’m not particularly found of being shipped to the second floor!

(This image is of an even larger Carrefour in Bangkok with the same contraption)

But still no contact solution. So weird!

I’m thinking that a pharmacy (which are easy to find here because they all have a giant lit-up green plus sign) may have it. Sooo I could go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for “de la solution pour les lentilles”…or I could just ask my visiting aunt to bring me some when we meet up this weekend in Paris :)

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This entry was posted on March 23, 2012 by in Shopping in France.
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