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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Mint tea?

I love light tea, including white and herbal. Maybe not as much as my hot water, but I do enjoy it every once and a while :)

But my experience with mint tea here hasn’t been great. At all the universities in Lyon, there are machines that for .40 euros will give you average coffee or hot chocolate along with the sugar level to your liking. But the mint tea that’s offered, although it looks promising (strong flavor!), is soooo bad.

The reason: it’s sweet!

It tastes like someone opened two packs of sugar and poured all of it in without you OK’ing to it.

I thought this was just an anomaly, but I bought mint tea the other day — “menthe réglisse” — but without knowing what “réglisse” meant.

The brewed cup of tea I made is even sweeter than the one from the machine! It turns out réglisse is licorice, which I would have never, ever guessed because I’ve never heard of “licorice mint tea”! But it appears to be a thing  for normal tea here and (with the knowledge gained from Google) a fancy tea thing in the United States.

Now I have to find someone who likes the taste of sugar in their tea!


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