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Francophile Film: Kings of Pastry

I had actually seen this movie right after my Lyon meet-and-greet in Santa Barbara in spring of last year, so this was one of the movies that got me really excited to be going to France (and to Lyon)! [Note: the film is in English, and where there is French, there are English subtitles; it’s available on Netflix‘s Instant Watch]

It’s a great documentary about the top pastry chefs competing to get the coveted red, white, and blue collar of the MOFs (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, or the Best Craftsmen in France). This collar is so prestigious that even though competition only rolls around once every 4 years, competitors spend years and years in preparation.

It has excitement, drama, a taste of French culture, and great looking food. Recommended to anyone, especially if you love Top Chef like I do!

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