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Forced Resting Time

My immune system isn’t the best.

But at this point at my life it isn’t a huge surprise; it just stinks being sick. I got something like the stomach flu — though I don’t know if that what it was for sure — that has kept me in bed for the past 4 days.

The first day I was so lethargic, achy, and non-functional that I pretty much slept the whole day. The next couple of days the general body aches went way and the stomach flu symptoms came.

Considering the timing, it isn’t great (but when does being sick ever come at a good time?), since I was right in the midst of studying for midterms and applying for a bunch on internships/summer lab experiences.

Sooo my time awake has been spent on the internet searching for stomach flu coping tips, diets, etc, watching Hulu, and watching clips on YouTube (including ones on nail art— and I don’t even paint my nails!!).

one of my favorites from this weekend

So it’s Monday evening and I still had to skip class today; I might have to skip tomorrow too. When it takes my mom or my brother a day or two to recover, it takes my dad and I 4+ days, sometimes weeks to get fully better.

But here’s to hoping I’ll be back to 100% sooner than later — I have a midterm I’m supposed to take this Wednesday!



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