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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

French Film: Amélie

If you’re studying French or have ever studied French, you’ve probably seen this comedy/romance/certified fresh/foreign/feel-good film:


Amélie (ah-ma-lee)

But if you haven’t, I recommend it!

I’ve seen it before, but I recently re-watched it one cozy movie night in. I found it on Netflix‘s Instant Watch.

Made back in 2001, this quirky French film has found its way into many English-speaking hearts. Ever seen Pushing Daisies? It definitely has that vibe. Characters are strange, unique, and interesting – especially Amélie herself, a young waitress at a café in Montmarte (remember Sacré Coeur? Yeah, over by there!) who, through a life-changing moment, sets off to improve the lives of the people around her.

But while doing so, shy & quirky Amélie must question if she has the courage to improver her own life, too.

It does have a lot of slang and the actors don’t necessarily articulate very well, though, so English or French subtitles/sous-titres are recommended for sure.

And if you have a thing for beautiful traditional French music, you’ll love the soundtrack.

So give it a chance! Amélie, her mission, and her world really do wonders in depicting la joie de vivre — the joy of living — in so many ways.

Here’s the theme song:


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