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Sights of Paris: Part III

Jardin des Tulieries (jar-dan days tool-er-rees) is a humongous famous garden that is home to statues, sculptures, lounging spots, creperies, and cafés. It’s a great place to take a little break or a stroll in between visiting the Louvre, the Musée D’Orsay, and the Place de la Concorde (where you can find the Egyptian Obelisk). Plus all you have to do is cross over the beautiful Seine River to get over to les Invalides or the  l’Ile de la Cité, which is home to the next monument on this list!

Notre Dame (no-truh dam), which means “our lady” (sounds better in French, doesn’t it? :P), is a cathedral that is a testament to 13th-century Gothic architecture. Ever seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Yeah, these are where you can see the gargoyles (but only if you pay to climb up the steps!). Entry into the main part of the cathedral is free.

Sacré Coeur (sa-cruh ker), literally “sacred heart”, is a large basilica found at the top of Montmartre and is accessible by either a funicular or a lot of stairs. It offers amazing sights both inside and out, and entry is free. And while you’re in the area, might as well check out the market at Montmartre, stop and watch a performing group, and grab a crêpe, sucré (sweet) or salé (salty).

Des vues quotidiennes: daily views of Paris are beautiful, too! Even if you don’t have a set path for your day in Paris, the city itself is very beautiful :)


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