la joie de vivre

From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Pour vivre ensemble…

Every once in a while, the city government sends out little informational brochures about what’s going on in Lyon. This week, they had a little flyer saying that they’re starting a collectible magnet series that encourages kids (and adults) to do/not do certain things “pour mieux vivre ensemble” (to better live together).

And remember the lack of public restrooms, the copious amount of dog poopie, and the discarded cigarette butts on the streets? They used cutesy pictures (shown above) to tell you to basically…have some decency!

And I haven’t seen too many problems of this one, but I thought it was really cute:

"In the streets, in the parks, I respect the outdoor amenities, the flowers, and the lawn...for my enjoyment and everyone's enjoyment"

I wonder if this will have any effect on people? The city is putting money into this campaign, but what we could really use (in my opinion) is some more public restrooms, especially ones that are cleaned more often! It’s surprising how, out of the bathrooms that do exist, how many of them are grody and just plain icky.

It’s kind of weird to say that I miss toilets back in the States!


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This entry was posted on February 17, 2012 by in General.
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