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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Like a gift from the universe, it has been warmer in Lyon today than it has been it what feels like a long time: my face doesn’t feel like it’s going to freeze off!

Valentine’s Day (called “La Saint-Valentin” here) isn’t a big thing in France, at least not compared to the giant pink, red, white hearts explosions in the malls back in the States.

I’ve been just seeing an unusual amount of red underwear in windows, but that’s about it.

Some French words/phrases with pronunciation (and since I’m not a linguistics major, we’re going to have to settle with layman’s pronunciation guides :))

C’est l’amour (“say la-moor”) – It’s love

mon coeur (“mon KER”) – my heart

bisous! (“Bee-zoo”)- kisses!

Je t’aime (“juh teh-m”)- I love you

Mignon! (“Min-yawn”) – Cute!

Où est mon chocolat? (“euw eh mon choc-o-lot”) – Where’s my chocolate?

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2 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. noeco
    February 16, 2012

    hahahhaha i like the oú est mon chocolat? je dis ça chaque jour.. j’adore ton blog…. ouiiiiiiiii PARIIIIIEEE DEMAIN :)))))

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