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French Film: Hollywoo

I saw this comedy in theaters last semester, and I laughed quite a bit, but the French audience I watched it were a lot quieter (not sure if that means they were smiling or just didn’t think it was funny!).

The movie is about a woman, Jeanne, who is the French voice-over actress for an American TV actress, Jennifer Marshall. When Jennifer decides to leave her show, Jeanne loses her job, too. So, she heads off to Hollywood, CA to try to convince the American actress to stay on the show. There, she encounters fellow French-speaking people, including Farres, played by the popular Francophone comedian Jamel Debbouze, and is accosted with cultural differences.

Though definitely not as good as Intouchables, the film was light, silly, funny, and a good break after finals. As an American in France I enjoyed it a lot just because I can relate to the culture shock (though America -> France and not the other way around!).

Because we all know how funny it is to laugh at others (or ourselves!) sometimes

They play with the stereotypes we all heard before: Hummers, plastic surgery, Hollywood tours, gangsters, and weird colloquial American sayings (“whadd’up, sister?”).


2 comments on “French Film: Hollywoo

  1. Gauthier Lequeux
    April 15, 2012

    Je viens de tomber sur ton blog par hasard en cherchant des critiques américaines du film!
    Je suis Français mais passionné par l’anglais! Je me permet d’écrire en français car tu à l’air d’avoir un excellent niveau de français! J’adore ton blog c’est marrant de voir comment un étudiant étranger arrive a vivre dans un pays totalement différent ! Je reviendrais de temps en temps, j’espère un jour partir étudier au Etat Unis! Keep up with the good work !

    • alannapeebles
      April 28, 2012

      Merci beaucoup pour ton comment! C’est très gentil :) Si tu voudrais un correspondant anglophone, je suis là!

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