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French Film: Un monstre à Paris (A monster in Paris)

I saw this movie back early last semester, so it was the first real French movie I have seen without French subtitles.

Verdict: it was a pleasant and cute surprise!A Certified Fresh logo.

It has a really quirky synopsis, and I’m glad that I just decided to see it based on the poster and the review rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But here it is: two guys in Paris wander into a laboratory where they play around with magical potions, including one that makes the user have an amazing singing voice. By a mishap, the potion is applied to a fly, which then gets really big and moves out from the laboratory into the real world. The men then become buddies with the fly, who starts to do acts with a popular female singer. Thus, the three humans do their best to hide the fly from public and keep him safe (and away from a bad-tempered police man).

Sounds weird, but it was so cute, and the music was good too: the main female singer is Vanessa Paradis, and the main male singer is M; the two are really well-known here in France, and I thought they did a great job! :)


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