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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!


I went to IKEA yesterday, but here it’s pronounced “E-KEY-A” :)

I live in Lyon, so the closest IKEA is at Bron/St. Priest, and the only way to get there by public transportation is to take the tramway, or more specifically, the T2.

Tramway de Lyon

Kinda exciting *at first* because it looks like a monorail at Disneyland.

But this trip reminded me:

The flow of crowds here is one thing that I have not been able to get used to here in France.

I dunno if it’s a cultural difference or what, but people DO NOT MOVE, or if they do, it’s usually not very helpful. Occasionally one will get the bump with a half-hearted “pardon” from the other end. The flow of the traffic (keep to the right!) doesn’t seem to work here, and people seem soooo territorial.

And if you don’t stand close enough to the person in front of the line, you will either get a) cut in line, b) asked if you are in line, or c) evil glares (or, worse, snide remarks) from the person behind you.

All of us Californians here have felt it, I wonder if other foreigners feel it too?

BUT I know it has rubbed off on me, because when I was visiting CA for the Christmas break, I stood close to a woman in line at Target, which made her uncomfortable — so she bumped me back with her purse. Whoops!


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