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Carrefour: the French version of Target (kinda)

There’s a shop (more like an enterprise) here called Carrefour, which in French, means “Crossroads”.

It has pretty much everything you would ever need (clothes, sundries, food, drinks, shoes, slippers, home items, etc) at pretty good prices (for France). And with the soldes, it’s been even cheaper than usual.

There’s another similar store like Carrefour called Monoprix (means “one price”…not sure why), but I’ve found that to be quite a bit more expensive; Casino (…also not sure why!)  exists, too, but it doesn’t have as many non-food items as Carrefour.

I miss Target, but Carrefour (and it’s spin-offs, like Carrefour City) have been keeping me nice and comfortable.

But one weird thing that we do here in France: if you get produce and there’s a digital-computer-scale-thingy next to it, you HAVE to weigh your produce. Then you select what it is on the screen (like “banane”), and the computer prints out a nice little sticker for you to put on your plastic produce bag so you can scan it at the cash registers (“les caisses”).

I heard if you don’t do this, they get pretty mad.

One other thing: we have to bag our own groceries here. We are so spoiled having bag boys in the States, and my grocery bagging skills severely suck because of that!


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This entry was posted on January 21, 2012 by in Shopping in France.
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