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French Film: Intouchables

There has been a movie here in France that has been generating sooo much buzz, positive reviews, and critical acclaim: Intouchables.

I saw it with a friend right before I left last semester, and it was so good. Cute, funny, uplifting, and best of all: I could understand it! (well most of it.) It was certainly nicer with the French audience because they laughed at some jokes/references I didn’t get, so there was greater feeling of conviviality overall :)

Here’s a quick snyposis: a quadriplegic white, rich man (Philippe) is in need of an assistant. An unemployed black man (Driss) is looking for someone to sign his papers to show that he was looking for a job, but was unsuccessful — so he can benefit from government aid. Philippe unexpectedly hires Driss, and the rest becomes a great story about the human experience. As Driss helps Philippe learn how to live a full life even without the use of his body, Philippe helps Driss learn how to make a difference and a mark on the world.

But the movie is less sappy than that sounds and is witty and full of great comedy.

If you have a chance to see it, SEE IT!


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This entry was posted on January 20, 2012 by in French & Francophone Movies.
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