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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

The Library

Sooo it’s pretty common for me to take naps on campus back at UCSB. A nice power nap can really set off the rest of the day with a boost of energy!

It’s not uncommon to see people sleeping at the UCSB Davidson library. The first time I saw someone, I freaked out and thought maybe I should wake him because maybe he fell asleep by accident. But I quickly caught onto the trick.

I miss the Davidson library! Sitting by a nice window, seeing the nice campus and the mountains or the ocean, and nibbling on a bit of a snack. It sounds way too laid back to what I’ve experienced here at the school library.

UCSB Courtyard

Yep, that’s UCSB’s library back there in that nature.

I went into the library a few times last semester, but it wasn’t great because I wasn’t *technically* a real student, just a foreign exchange student through CIEF. So I couldn’t access the Wi-Fi or use the catalogue system.

Wi-Fi Alliance logo

I took this baby so much for granted back in CA.

But the real differences were: a) the extreme lack of bathrooms and b) the level of stress displayed by the students!

There’s only one set of bathrooms, and they’re on the bottom floor of a five-floor building. And once you get inside, 2 of the 4 stalls are closed, posted with a sign, in French, that says “Sorry, we had to close these stalls so they won’t get like this:” and then they show a nasty photo of a dirty toilet stall with toilet paper and a bunch of other trash everywhere.

At first I thought: what? But then I remembered some of the public restrooms that I’ve seen here, and it’s true: they get pretty gnarly. They just don’t have the regular cleaning schedules that we do in CA, and the result is not pretty.

And I tried to take a little nap, and then I realized it was totally out of place and everyone else was completely focused on their work. Different colored highlighters, extensive notes, different pens. Maybe I just sat at the intense tables the times I was there, but I don’t know!

I’ll see how it goes over this next semester in the library, hopefully it’ll be more comfortable and less stressful!

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UCSB (, Wi-fi (


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