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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Entering the French University System

It’s a week before classes start, but it’s sooo clear that it’s much different here than it is in the States. Last semester I had courses just within CIEF (Centre International d’Études Françaises) and just with UC students. Now it’s for the jump to the real system.

French students here follow a set schedule. For example, if you are a first year psychology student, you take classes A, B, C, D. You can then add on optional courses, or “cours d’ouverture” (open classes) depending on your year.

The problem for us is that as foreign students, we don’t follow the same schedule. We get to pick classes — from different years, different majors, and even different campuses (the general campus, called L’Université de Lyon 2, or the political campus, called L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques, or SciencePo Lyon).

Façade du bâtiment Clio (faculté de droit et d...

Part of Lyon 2, on the quai -- back when it was sunny!

But not all the class hours and rooms are up, and they’re subject to change at any minute. There is no “” here (that I know of), and the advice we were given was to try out as many courses as possible.

So I will be sitting in on 10-12 courses next week!

It’s a pain in the butt, but there are always professors that you cannot understand, and I’m sure that’s even more so of a problem in a foreign language.

University of Lyon

I hope it treats us well!


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This entry was posted on January 18, 2012 by in Student Life abroad.
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