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Babysitting en anglais

I had my first day of babysitting today, IN ENGLISH. It sure is different than babysitting kids in French last semester! One of the boys from last semester would ask me “Tu comprends?” (You understand?), and if I answered no, he would throw his hands up in the air and say “Oh là là!”. But it was funny and cute because he was only 5.

The little boy I’m babysitting now was born in the States, but now he pretty much only speaks in French. He normally goes to a French public school (école maternelle, kind of like our equivalent to preschool), and his parents both speak French to him at home. Kids here usually have Wednesdays off, so his parents send him to an English-speaking private school (called “Le Petit Monde”, or the little world) on Wednesday mornings to try to retain his English.

His mom told me his first words were in English, but now he’s shy about speaking it.

So I speak English to him and he responds in French. Good thing I can understand French! Or else I would definitely have no idea what was going on!!

But I got him to say a little today, including “like this” (because I kept asking him if what I was adding on to our block fort was OK!), “arm”, “yes”, “no”, “water”, “fire”, “hello”, “lizard”, “crocodile”, and “bye-bye”. It’s a start!

He’s funny — I think we’re going to get along well!

English: Jenga

I don't remember what the blocks were called, but they were exactly like Jenga blocks...without the "Jenga" :)


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