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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

Back in France!

I finished my first semester in Lyon back in mid-December, and now I’m back for my second semester!

I moved out of my host family’s house, and I was able to find an apartment in a nice location (near the city center :)) with a nice roommate, a big room, and a nice, comfy, big bed.

But there’s been a problem that I’ve been avoiding to talk to anyone about, I guess out of denial. We have a kitty.

And it is super cute.

The problem is that I have had problems with allergies in the past. I have a senstive nose. Pollen, smoke, dust, etc. I’m even allergic to a type of Christmas tree! Plus I’ve never, ever had a pet before.

Cupcake kitty by Sugarbunny

Usually I only have contact with kitten-like cuties like this one, not the real thing!

So, I’ve done a few things, because the cat is here to stay:
a) I close my door so the kitty can’t get into my room (for the most part. It’s hard not letting her in!)
b) I’ve gotten a HEPA filter (and it’s awesome)
c) I brought lots of allergy medicine (because even last semester I was suffering from dust allergies in my host stay)
d)I bought an extra pair of bedding so I can wash my bedding in hot water every month

Because even if the kitty can’t get into my room, I’m still dragging pet dander/saliva in there with my clothes, slippers, shoes, socks, etc.

No problems so far, we’ll see how it goes!

I’ve been also talking to the cat in English. I wonder if it’ll listen to me more if I talk to it in French :P


One comment on “Back in France!

  1. Esther :)
    December 13, 2012

    Hahaha. It was probably one of those pompous French kitties: <>

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