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From California to Lyon, France: living & studying abroad…and coming back!

The little things

Now that I’ve been here a week, I’ve definitely noticed some random things here in Lyon, France:

1. Converse are VERY popular. I’ve seen them on people of all ages. The ones that are especially popular are the ones with the skinny bottom; it seems that when the French do wear sneakers, they usually have a sleek, skinny look. (basically they look really cute, but I doubt there’s any support for the foot!)

2. People do wear shorts here, but it’s mostly the younger girls and women. But, honestly, I have never seen so many capris within a short amount of time!

3. Some people (but definitely not many, at least from what I’ve seen) run here. That’s the only time I’ve seen white tennies. But it’s weird because the people I’ve seen running don’t exactly have great form (at all)!

4. Public transportation is awesome and totally easy. The downside: no public restrooms in any of

the stations!

5. People seem to drink hardly any water here. My host dad told me that at dinner, most people only drink liquid after they finished all of their food. A lot of us got told by our host families that we drink too much water! Now I look for people with water bottles; so far it’s been a fail-proof a sign of an American (well, that and English, especially very loud English).

6. No ice cubes, and water isn’t refrigerated. I have never missed cold water so much in my life!

Ice cubes

Ah, I miss you lots!

7. There are almost no rain overhangs here. Which, during the freak rainstorms, is very unfortunate, but people don’t really seem to be that fazed by it.

8. A bit of food for breakfast, a lot for lunch, and an average amount for dinner. Dinner is much later here than in the States: here it’s 8 and back in the States it’s usually 5 or 6.

9. White bread here just isn’t right. It tastes funky and it definitely doesn’t have that soft, smooth feature American breads like Wonderbread & Sara Lee have. Good thing baguettes are awesome.

10. The French LOVE their yogurt. There is soooo much of it here in so many different types. A good surprise for me because I love yogurt P:


11. Strawberry yogurt (at least all of the ones I’ve tried) is icky here! It’s a weird flavor, definitely not like strawberry yogurt in the States… or actual strawberries for that matter!

It’s the little things that add up! These are just a few differences that I’ve encountered here. I’m slowly adjusting to the fact that I won’t be back in California for quite some time.


One comment on “The little things

  1. Esther :)
    December 13, 2012

    I thought the yogurt thing was a side effect from your stay in Lyon (guess you were weird from the start. haha.)

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