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Le petit Nicolas

Le petit Nicolas - Little Nicholas - O menino ...

Collection of Le petit Nicolas books

Le petit Nicolas is a very cute collection of short stories about a little boy named Nicolas. He and his friends  get themselves (and their teacher) into a lot of trouble, but they are sure cute! The contrasting views between the adults and the kids are funny and often sweet. Nicolas’s friends are recurring characters with certain traits (the eater, the one with the bad temper, the rich one, the teacher’s pet) and are reintroduced in every short story. They remind me of the little ones I helped this year at El Camino Elementary.

Ce livre peut me faire un sourire :) Reading it has been a nice way to practice some French this summer!

I’ll have to get my aunt a copy or something of Le petit Nicolas from a France since my cute little baby cousin’s name is Nicolas, spelled the French way. He’ll be turning 1 a few days after I leave!

And some randoms:

  • “Teacher’s pet” in French is <<chouchou>>. It’s a derivation of <<mon petit chou>>, or “my little cabbage”, which in equivalent meaning in English is “my dear”. The French love their food!
  • The French use << >> instead of ” “
  • French book spines go the opposite way of American ones
  • French titles only capitalize the first word of a title unless the word in question is a proper noun

If you can understand French, here’s a cute clip of the French show that’s on channel M6:


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